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Wide variety of gaskets with varying standards

by:Tronshal     2022-03-16
Washers are divided into: flat washer-C, large washer-A and C, extra large washer-C, small washer-A, flat washer-A, flat washer-chamfer-A, steel structure high Strength washer, spherical washer, cone washer, square bevel washer for I-beam, square bevel washer for channel steel, standard spring washer, light spring washer, heavy spring washer, internal tooth lock washer, internal serrated lock washer, External tooth lock washers, external tooth lock washers, single ear lock washers, double ear lock washers, outer tongue lock washers, and stop washers for round nuts. It can be seen that there are various types of gaskets, of course, the standards it requires are also indispensable. 1 GB/T848-2002 Small washer Class A 2 GB/T5287-2002 Extra large washer Class C 3 GB/T4678.13-2003 Die-casting mold parts Part 13: Push plate washer Frame components and thrust washers 5 GB/T97.3-2000 Flat washers for pin shafts 6 GB/T18230.5-2000 Flat washers for bolted structures quenched and tempered 7 GB/T9074.5-2004 Cross recessed pan head screws Flat washer assembly 8 GB/T9074.20-2004 Cross recessed hexagon head tapping screw and flat washer assembly 9 GB/T3762-1983 Sharp angle sealing washer for ferrule type pipe joint 10 GB/T1231-2006 For steel structure High-strength large hexagon head bolts, large hexagon nuts, and washers Specifications 11 GB/T1230-2006 High-strength washers for steel structures
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