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What type of product do spring retaining ring manufacturers classify?

by:Tronshal     2022-03-11
What type of product do spring retaining ring manufacturers classify? The retaining ring is a kind of axial movement installed on the grooved shaft and used as a fixed part. The inner diameter of this kind of retaining ring is slightly smaller than the diameter of the assembly shaft. The product is used very frequently, not only by one industry, because it has many functions, so it is widely used, and the performance of the product is also continuously improved with the development of science and technology, but it does not mean that it is installed and used. It can be operated simply when it is, but it should be carried out in accordance with the formal instructions! When installing, it is necessary to use circlip pliers, insert the pliers nose into the pliers hole of the retaining ring, expand the retaining ring, and then put it on the pre-machined shaft groove. Retaining ring for holes, E-shaped retaining ring, C-shaped retaining ring, external locking clamping retaining ring, retaining ring for reverse hole, retaining ring for reverse shaft. Matters needing attention in the production of elastic retaining ring packaging: the conventional packaging of elastic retaining ring is packaged in batches of oil paper or plastic, and the surface is generally blackened by phosphating, commonly known as a wild card. There are several aspects that need to be paid attention to in the production of retaining rings for shafts: first, the surface is flat; second, the hardness and elasticity are qualified; third, there must be no corner burrs. At present, domestic manufacturers have high-quality hardware and have the mature technology of the retaining ring.
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