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What is the inspection method of the retaining ring?

by:Tronshal     2022-03-03
The retaining ring mainly plays the role of tightening the axial direction, among which the conical surface and the retaining ring are fixed with a relatively high degree of centering. Ribs are narrow shoulders that protrude from the raceway surface parallel to the rolling direction and are used to support and pull the rolling elements and ensure their retention in the bearing. The detection method of the retaining ring needs to be carried out according to the following rules to be regarded as a perfect detection. 1. Scope of application of the retaining ring: This benchmark is suitable for the acceptance inspection of the shaft elastic retaining ring used in the company's products. 2. Inspection method: size, shape. 3. Inspection items required for the retaining ring 1. The appearance of the retaining ring: the appearance is uniform, and there are no defects or defects in use. 2. Hardness: measure with a Rockwell hardness tester, and test the hardness within HRC45-53. 3. According to the standard GB/T 893.1-86 Retaining ring for holes type A GB/T 894.1-86 Retaining ring for shaft A type.
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