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What is the elastic index detection device of wave washer

by:Tronshal     2022-02-26
The simple detection device for the elastic index of the wave washer is composed of a weight, a base, a screw, a foot, a dial indicator and a concave groove. The base is in the shape of a disc, the weights are placed in the upward-facing disc cavity, the middle of the disc cavity is provided with an axial through hole to install the dial indicator rod, the screw locks the dial indicator rod, and the lower end surface of the base is from the bottom to the bottom. Foot support. The wave washer is a thin annular metal element composed of multiple crests and troughs, and has good elasticity. When designing the wave washer, first design the mold according to the shape of the wave washer. The wave washer uses an annular ring to form three peaks and troughs of equal height by stamping, and it should be uniform in steps. Manufacture the mold for processing the wave washer, and can make the wave crest and the wave trough in the same straight line in the feeding device. Generally, the thickness of the wave washer is kept between 0.5-2mm, and it is made of materials with elastic properties such as stainless steel. When testing, the wave washer to be tested is positioned with a concave groove. Before the wave washer is placed, first set the bottom end face of the weight in the axial through hole as the zero position of the dial indicator, and the placed wave washer is positioned with the concave groove. After adding the weight, the deformation of the wave crest makes the head of the dial indicator shrink inward, and the inward shrinking size is the measured elastic index value.
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