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What is the difference between a circlip and a spiral retaining ring?

by:Tronshal     2022-03-19
Circlips, also known as retaining rings and retaining rings, are a type of hardware fasteners. Everyone is certainly familiar with this, but the concept will be very vague, because there are too many types and styles of retaining rings. You may know that both the circlip and the spiral retaining ring play the role of preventing axial movement, but what is the difference between the retaining ring and the spiral retaining ring? Let's take a look with me below. Many people may know it, but there are many types of them. What is the difference between a circlip and a spiral retaining ring? They are mainly installed in the shaft groove or hole groove of the machine and equipment. What is the use of the circlip? Simply put, it acts to prevent the axial movement of the parts on the shaft or hole. Let's talk about it with you below. The difference between the circlip and the spiral retaining ring: from the perspective of appearance, there is a big difference between the two: 1. The circlip usually has two process holes for the support of the circlip pliers, and there are two obvious protrusions at the process hole. ; while the spiral retaining ring has no protrusions. 2. The double-layer spiral retaining ring is very similar to the keychain, the difference is that the end of the retaining ring wire has a chamfer for blessing. Due to the addition of process holes, the circlip is easier to disassemble and assemble, but the protrusions at the installation process holes occupy a large space, and both the hole and the shaft circlip have the problem of taking up a large space. 3. Compared with the circlip, the spiral retaining ring has no process holes, and the disassembly is not as convenient as the retaining ring, but the installation space occupied by the spiral retaining ring is smaller, and the appearance is more concise and beautiful. For occasions that do not require frequent disassembly, the advantages of the spiral retaining ring are more obvious. What is the use of the circlip? The circlip is an important part, which belongs to a small equipment component. The specifications are generally very small, but consumers should not underestimate such a slender shape. It has a role that cannot be underestimated. The shape of the circlip is generally round, but there is a gap at one end. Put the circlip on the equipment that needs to be fixed, and then lock the gap with a screw to keep the equipment stable. This is the function of the circlip. There is also a circlip, which is similar in shape to a spring, has a certain stretchability, and can also keep the object in a stable working state. The classification of circlips in life is mainly based on the material of the circlips, commonly used are stainless steel circlips, aluminum alloy circlips, iron circlips, etc. In addition to being classified according to material, circlips are also distinguished by size and specifications, and circlips of different materials and specifications have their own unique functions.
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