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What is graphite nylon?

What is graphite nylon?


Graphite nylon is a filled nylon plastic used for pressing compact mechanical parts. The filler is graphite, which makes the material highly load-bearing.

Typical are non-lubricated gears, bearings, anti-friction parts; quick-connect, brake or spring-loaded mechanical parts; painted automotive parts; electrical parts that can withstand high temperatures; Solvent-based mechanical parts; thin-sectioned mechanical parts requiring high strength; high-impact parts requiring high strength and rigidity; monofilaments for fishing lines; tuners; and food-contact films.

Automotive applications include odometers and wiper gears. Clamps and latches for wiring wiring, connectors, exhaust canisters, fluid reservoirs, oil dipsticks, engine fans and covers, air cleaner housings, fuel system components. Front exhaust and painted exterior body parts. Light assemblies, mirror housings, wheel mounts, and door and window hardware.

Electrical/electronic applications include paper feeders, connectors, termination assemblies, conductor posts, plug and socket covers, building conductor sheaths, overhead wires, antenna supports and brackets, and coil formers.

Consumer applications include bicycle wheels. Skate shoe supports, casters, hair brushes and combs, power tool housings and handles, chainsaws and monofilament lawnmower hooks.

Packaging applications include conventional and microwaveable food bags, low oxygen permeability food packaging films, sausage packaging films and frozen food packaging materials.

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