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What are the classifications of wave washer product models?

by:Tronshal     2022-02-27
Today, let's take a look at the product models of wave washers. Wave washers are generally used in connectors, one of which is soft and the other is hard and brittle. Its main function is to increase the contact area, disperse the pressure, and prevent the soft texture from being crushed. There are many models of products, and each has a wide range of applications. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers producing products, so it is not easy to choose a product when purchasing a product. It needs to be fully understood before making a decision. The following is an introduction to the related concepts of the product: Conventional size of wave washer wave washer: 1) Ordinary type WW- 4, WW-5, WW-6, WW-8, WW-10, WW-12, WW-14, WW-16, WW-18, WW-20, WW-23, WW-26, WW-30, WW-32, WW-38, WW-40, WW-46, WW-50, WW-53, WW-60. 2) Bearing special type BWW-624, BWW-625, BWW-626, BWW-608, BWW -629, BWW-6001, BWW-6200, BWW-6201, BWW-6202, BWW-6203, BWW-6302, BWW-6303, BWW-6304, BWW-6305, BWW-6306, BWW-6307, BWW-6308 , BWW-6309, BWW-6310, BWW-6311, BWW-6312, BWW-6313. The development of wave washer products is closely related to the continuous innovation of technology, and today's products can largely meet people's needs. Today, with manufacturers all over the country, only by breaking through the status quo and knowing how to innovate can we win the first opportunity.
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