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What are the characteristics of lock washers?

by:Tronshal     2022-02-17
The anti-loose washer is composed of two washers, the outer side is a radial raised surface, and the inner side is a helical tooth surface. The working principle is very simple: when it is assembled, the inner helical tooth surfaces are opposite to each other, and the outer radial convex surface is engaged with the contact surfaces at both ends. When the connecting piece is vibrated and the bolt tends to loosen, only two washers are allowed. The relative dislocation between the inner helical tooth surfaces generates lifting tension, so as to achieve 100% locking effect. Lock washers can be used in all high vibration environments. Features: 1. Highest safety performance 2. Prevent loosening due to vibration and dynamic load 3. Easy installation and disassembly 4. Locking effect is not affected by lubrication 5. Good locking effect regardless of preload 6. Can Controls the level of preload 7. Has the same temperature characteristics as standard bolts/nuts 8. Reusable
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