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What are ground washers used for?

by:Tronshal     2022-03-01
The full name of the grounding washer is the grounding butterfly lock washer, which is a dish-shaped improved product with teeth on the top and 6 claws on the bottom, as shown in the figure: this product itself has a taper. It is widely used in electrical appliances, elevators, and mechanical accessories. The working principle is to use the tension generated by the rebound of the product to drive the upper and lower double-sided tooth patterns to prevent loosening and anti-skid. Uses: Widely used in electrical appliances, elevators, and mechanical accessories, used for the connection of electrical equipment wires, and the ground connection in the manufacture of electrical cabinets is quenched and tempered with spring steel. Because of its high hardness, all six feet will be embedded after installation. In the base, it has a good contact effect. When the bolts are fastened, ensure good contact and achieve the best grounding effect. The tooth surface design increases the friction force and achieves a good relaxation effect.
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