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Three prominent problems in my country's bearing industry and their solutions

by:Tronshal     2022-03-09
At present, my country's bearing industry is mainly faced with three prominent problems: low concentration of industry production, low Ru0026D and innovation capabilities, and low level of manufacturing technology. Bearing clips are an important component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load during the transmission process of the equipment. According to the different friction properties of moving elements, bearing clamps can be divided into two types: rolling bearings and sliding bearings. First, the industry's production concentration is low. In the world's bearing sales of about 30 billion US dollars, the world's eight major multinational companies account for 75% to 80%. Two German companies account for 90% of the national total, five Japanese companies account for 90% of the national total, and one US company accounts for 56% of the national total. The sales of the 10 largest bearing companies in my country, including ZWZ, only account for 24.7% of the industry, and the production concentration of the top 30 companies is only 37.4%. Second, the Ru0026D and innovation capabilities are low. Since most enterprises are still at a low level in the construction and operation of innovation systems, capital investment in Ru0026D and innovation, talent development, etc., and the scientific research institutes oriented to industry services are becoming enterprises, the country has no research on common technologies in the industry. investment, thereby weakening the function of Ru0026D for the industry. Therefore, 'two weak and two small' are prominent in the whole industry, that is, weak basic theoretical research, weak participation in the formulation of international standards, less original technology, and less patented products. Third, the level of manufacturing technology is low. The development of manufacturing technology and process equipment technology in my country's bearing industry is slow, the numerical control rate of turning is low, and the level of automation in grinding is low. There are only more than 200 automatic production lines in the country. Most enterprises, especially the old state-owned enterprises, still use traditional equipment as the main production force. Advanced heat treatment processes and equipment that are critical to bearing life and reliability, such as controlled atmosphere protection heating, double refinement, bainite quenching, etc., have low coverage, and many technical problems have failed to make breakthroughs.
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