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There are various types of shaft end rings

by:Tronshal     2022-02-19
The shaft end retaining ring is suitable for the positioning and fixing of the shaft end parts. It can withstand severe vibration and shock loads, and anti-loosening measures are required. See GB/T891 and GB/T892 Classification of Shaft End Retaining Rings for the structure and dimensions of shaft end retaining rings: Types are taken from the applicable (shaft or hole) nominal diameter material acting taper pin locking ring GB883-1986du003d8~130mmQ235 Matching pins , The screws are fixed on the shaft to prevent the axial displacement of the shoulder parts. 20~120mm35# steel sleeve is used on the shaft to increase the bearing surface of the original shaft shoulder, and it is mostly used for the installation of rolling bearings. Fastening the shaft end retaining ring with screws GB891-1986du003d20~100mmQ235 is used to lock the bolts of the parts fixed on the shaft end. Fastening shaft end retaining ring GB892-1986du003d20~100mmQ235 steel wire lock ring GB921-1986du003d15~236mm carbon spring steel hole with elastic retaining ring-A type GB893.1-1986du003d8~200mm65Mn stuck in the shaft groove or hole The groove is used to stop the rolling bearing after it is installed. The steel wire retaining ring can also locate other parts. The retaining ring itself is elastic for easy loading and unloading. The elastic retaining ring for the hole-B type GB893.2-1986du003d20~200mm65Mn shaft elastic retaining ring- A type GB894.1-1986du003d3~200mm65Mn shaft with spring retaining ring-B type GB894.2-1986du003d20~200mm65Mn steel wire retaining ring for hole GB895.1-1986du003d7~125mm carbon spring steel shaft with steel wire retaining ring Ring GB895.2-1986du003d4~125mm carbon spring steel opening stop ring GB896-1986du003d1.2~15mm65Mn clamping stop ring GB960-1986du003d1.5~10mmQ215 is stuck in the shaft groove to act as a shaft shoulder, and it is closed after installation die
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