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The use and repair of retaining ring on motorcycle

by:Tronshal     2022-03-06
In recent years, it has become common to replace traditional spoked wheels with integral aluminum wheels of motorcycles. A considerable number of rear aluminum wheels use circular bushings (slow; middle sleeves) to clamp the large transmission sprockets with elastic retaining rings. When used in rural areas with poor road conditions, generally in more than a year, and some even only a few months, the large sprocket will suddenly slip off during driving. This is because the bushing is damaged due to the large impact vibration. As a result, the elastic retaining ring cannot be stuck, and the entire rear aluminum wheel needs to be replaced just because of the wear of the retaining ring groove, which is really uneconomical. Find a very suitable method for your reference, the specific operation method of the retaining ring: remove the whole rear aluminum wheel and lay it flat on the ground, first check the 4 bushings, and replace them with new ones if they are loose. Install the large transmission sprocket, place a piece of slightly stiff cardboard flat on the circle, press out a retaining ring mark, cut it out according to the printed circle, then cut it open, and cut a little more on both sides; The model is placed flat on an iron plate with a thickness of 2.5mm. The specific thickness of the iron plate is determined according to the depth of the wear of the ring groove, and the figure is drawn with a stone pen; In the retaining ring groove, pay attention to the best not to loose, and finally weld the two sides with electric welding. It can also be welded on the iron plate close to the fixed sprocket nut, which is more firm and reliable. The retaining ring includes a retaining ring base, and is characterized in that: the outer periphery of the retaining ring base for holes is provided with a thickened layer; the upper surface of the retaining ring base is provided with an inner arc surface. The manufacturing process is simple, the structure is reasonable, and the retaining ring has good elasticity. The original plane contact is changed to the inner arc surface contact, which effectively reduces the use stress of the fixed parts, so that the fixing is firm and the positioning is accurate. prolong its service life and increase work efficiency.
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