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The function of the retaining ring on the car starter

by:Tronshal     2022-03-05
The retaining ring is a kind of component that is installed on the transmission shaft and plays a blocking role. The car starter, especially the front starter, has a retaining ring on the front axle of the starter. So what is the function of this starter ring? Most people will say that the retaining ring is the gear. Of course, there is this feature. In addition, its biggest function is to help the gear transmit torque. If the gear does not reach the retaining ring, it cannot transmit torque. No matter how far the starter adjusts the gear to the retaining ring, when the gear drives the ring gear to rotate, the gear must be firmly against the retaining ring. The gear of the starter and the spline of the front axle are oblique. When the gear of the starter enters the ring gear, it will move forward along the oblique spline due to the resistance. When it reaches the retaining ring, it can only rotate and work. Therefore, when our starter is working, the gear is firmly against the retaining ring. So when we repair the starter, we must pay attention to this. When the starter is tested with no load, the gear generally cannot reach the retaining ring. At this time, we need to look at the distance. If the gap between the gear and the retaining ring is too large, we need to check the reason. Sometimes the shift fork and the motor head do not match, that is, no matter how you adjust it, there is always a distance between the retaining ring and the shift fork, even if it is a millimeter. Of course, when you adjust the switch, you should also pay attention when the gap between the retaining ring and the fork is greater than 2.5 mm. Because when the gear transmits torque, it must withstand the retaining ring. If the fork swings freely so that the gear cannot reach the retaining ring, because of the forced forward movement of the gear, the fork will be deformed, or the fork will wear quickly. If we find that the fork falls off, the fork is severely worn, the fork is deformed, etc., don't look for the reason on the quality of the fork. It must be that the fork does not match the motor head or the switch stroke. We found that the shift fork fell off, generally because the gear couldn't come back, it wasn't that it couldn't go up. In addition, we found that the fork wear is generally worn on the lower part of the slider, not the upper part. When repairing, do you simply change the fork? doesn't work! Be sure to find out why. I have dismantled many starters of so-called supporting manufacturers, and some models have problems with the forks. It will be stuck by the motor head and cannot reach the position of the retaining ring, only one millimeter away. Maybe the manufacturer thinks that the problem is not big. It is precisely this problem that causes the fork to fall off, or the lower plate of the gear to fall off, and there are many failures. This is a consequence of the forced forward movement of the gears. When the starter drives the ring gear to rotate, does the retaining ring follow it? No, but the moment of starting and stopping, it will rotate. Therefore, the retaining ring must be installed firmly, and some butter can be added appropriately during installation. Some starter front axle splines are straight, such as QD2827 series, such as some Cummins starter direct drive series. Such a starter has no retaining ring. Because when the gears work, they don't move forward.
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