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The connection and difference between the pull-back clasp and the anti-pull-back clasp

by:Tronshal     2022-03-19
The back force snap ring is often used for the loss of the free end of the posterior teeth, the abutment teeth are premolars or canines, and the crown is short or tapered. It is connected with the (occlusal) rest through the distal surface of the abutment, and then turns to the non-undercut area on the lingual side to form an antagonistic arm, and is connected with the palatal (lingual) rod on the mesial and lingual side of the abutment through a small connector. If the tip of the snap ring arm is located in the lingual undercut area of u200bu200bthe abutment (severe inclination of the mandibular abutment to the lingual side), the snap ring arm is connected to the distal (occlusal) rest and turned to the buccal side, passing through a small connector mesially Connected with the base metal bracket, it is called the anti-return force snap ring. Both are cast snap rings. Since the distal (occlusal) rest is not directly connected to the base, the lifting force is first transmitted to the mucosa and alveolar ridge through the artificial teeth and base, and then migrates back to the abutment. This relieves the load on the abutment and has a stress interrupting effect.
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