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The application of self-locking retaining ring to the installation method

by:Tronshal     2022-02-21
Although retaining rings can be used in most working conditions, with the update of technology, special applications of retaining rings have entered our field of vision, such as self-locking retaining rings. All circlips of the rotating shaft will be restrained by centrifugal force. If these centrifugal forces are large enough to expand the circlip so that it no longer fits snugly against the groove, the function of the circlip will be reduced, potentially leading to failure. However, with the advancement of technology and the update of equipment, more and more applications require the use of higher rotational capacity, so the centrifugal force of the retaining ring will become larger and larger. If your application requires more than the recommended rotational capacity indicated by standard circlips, you can choose based on your specific application requirements. Because rotational capacity is a function of many parameters (ie thickness, radial wall size, degree of fit, interference fit, and diameter between ring and groove, etc.). ), the rotational capability can be improved by increasing the size of the radial wall and/or the degree of fit between the retaining ring and the groove. If your application requires more than the recommended rotational capacity of a standard retaining ring, a self-locking retaining ring can be selected based on the application requirements. The self-locking retaining ring is used in ultra-high-speed conditions, and its self-locking structure can overcome the centrifugal force at high speed. The self-locking clasp is a custom clasp. The self-locking function is realized by protrusions and grooves, which can interlock to prevent the expansion of the retaining ring. The protrusions fit perfectly with the grooves on the mating ring, so when the retaining ring is installed in the grooves, the protrusions will snap into the grooves. This feature allows the retaining ring to function properly at speeds that far exceed the rotational capability of standard circlips. Therefore, this self-locking function enables the retaining ring to operate at high speed, withstand vibration, and accelerate operation, while absorbing a certain degree of shock load. Installation method of self-locking retaining ring The protrusions are knocked into the grooves for precise positioning. The two protrusions of the self-locking snap ring must be fully seated in the corresponding grooves of the mating ring.
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