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Some basic knowledge of high-strength washers for steel structures

by:Tronshal     2022-02-18
Introduction to some basic knowledge of high-strength washers for steel structures: StandardTitle in Chinese: High strength plain washers for steel structures 1 First Issue Date FirstIssuance Date: 1976-2-10 Standard State: Current Plan No. Plan No: 20031067-T-604 Replaced National Standard No. ReplacedStandard: GB/T 1230-1991 Adopted International Standard No: ISO 7416:1984 Adopted International Standard Name: Chamfered quenched and tempered flat washers for high-strength bolt structures : J13 standard category StandardSort: Product department in charge Governor: China Machinery Industry Federation focal point TechnicalCommittees: Drafting Committee of the National Fastener Standardization Technical Committee DraftingCommittee: Railway Science Research Institute, Mechanical Science Research Institute, Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory, China Metallurgical Group Architectural Research Institute, Daye Steel Plant
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