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Research direction of new processing technology of snap ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-22
In recent years, with the development of production and the continuous improvement of the degree of mechanization, the demand for clasp has also continued to increase, and the use of new technology to process clasp has become a topic worthy of study. A process in which the material is punched and formed, and then the snap ring can be processed by simple machining. In order to improve the circlip and the circlip seat and improve the coring effect, it is recommended to use the circlip and the circlip seat. First weld the shaft and the bottom plate together, then put the snap ring (workpiece) on the bottom plate, the inner arc of the snap ring workpiece is close to the screw of the bottom plate, press a pressure plate on the snap ring workpiece, and tighten it with bolts. The chuck of the lathe clamps the shaft. In this way, the entire tire rotates with the rotation of the chuck. The snap ring and the snap ring seat have simple structure, save labor and material, and have good use effect. The clasp body is also known as the clasp shoulder: it is the hard part connecting the clasp arm, the rest and the small connecting body. It can stabilize and support the denture and support the clasp arm at the same time, so the clasp body is required to have high strength, not easily deformed, located in the non-undercut area, and does not affect the occlusion. It is the part where the clasp is embedded in the base or connected with the large connecting body, and it mainly plays the role of connection, so that the clasp and other parts of the denture are integrated into a whole. The connector should not enter the abutment or soft tissue undercuts to avoid compromising seating.
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