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Production Equipment Automation punch (5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons), sheet extruder, material cutting machine, vulcanizing machine, injection moulding machine, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine. We have sufficient plant area, self-developed automatic production equipment, a large number of ready-made moulds and abundant product inventory. Nylon washers (graphite nylon washers, molybdenum disulfide nylon washers), Mylar washers,PTFE washers (graphite PTFE washers, glass fiber PTFE washers, polybenzoate PTFE washers), vulcanized fibre washers (red、green、yellow、black, kraft paper), non-woven fabric washers, rubber washers, POM washers, bakelite washers, epoxy washers, PEEK washers.

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