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Ordinary snap ring

by:Tronshal     2022-02-28
Ordinary snap-type retaining rings have ears on their structure, which cause interference with internal parts. The elastic retaining ring made of stainless steel produced by Smalley has the same cross-section and no ears, so it will not be in contact with the matching parts after installation. Interference occurs between the two, and the cost of the elastic retaining ring is lower than that of the retaining ring. (See the product manual)
The use of circlips can eliminate the need for pillow block design, reduce the size of the shaft, save material and machining time.
Smalley wave retaining ring is a kind of detachable retaining ring with wave shape. A wave retaining ring can replace a retaining ring and a wave spring, it can apply pressure to the ball bearing in advance, and it is also the same as a normal Smalley retaining ring Fitted in the slot.
Double-turn offset type outer retaining ring is used to replace the pillow block. It is used to hold the nozzle part and make it easy to assemble. The width of the retaining ring is designed to have zero interference, and its outer diameter is smaller than the diameter of the thread root.
In the pressure gauge, the wave retaining ring is installed in a shallow groove, which produces only a very small pressure on the surface glass. This retaining ring can not only hold the surface glass in place, but will not crush the glass.
The retaining ring forms side walls on both sides of the synchronous pulley. This method eliminates the press-fit side wall. In order to facilitate the replacement of the belt, the retaining ring on one side adopts the easy-to-remove type.
The wave retaining ring is easy to meet the requirements of on-site maintenance. If the hydraulic cylinder seal needs to be repaired, the retaining ring can be quickly disassembled with a screwdriver and easily reinstalled.
There are many uses of spring retaining ring, if you want to know more, please contact our company.
In addition, wave springs are also widely used, such as adjustable pulleys, bearing preload, electrical connections, hydraulic seals, clutches, ball valves, fluid valve couplings, etc.
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