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Material selection and classification of toothed gaskets

by:Tronshal     2022-02-17
Tooth-shaped gasket: Generally, a precision lathe is used to process concentric grooves on both sides of the metal stainless steel flat gasket. According to different media, flexible graphite, PTFE, asbestos-free board or some other soft metals can be selected, and pasted on the gasket. both sides of the sheet. It can also be used directly without a sealing layer, and can achieve a good sealing effect, but it is easy to cause damage to the surface of the flange in high pressure applications. The structure type of this gasket is divided into two basic types according to the sealing surface of the flange: 1. Toothed gasket with positioning ring for flat flanges 2. For concave and convex flanges without positioning ring Tooth pads.
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