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Introduction to the use and types of gaskets

by:Tronshal     2022-03-16
In the fastener industry, you may have heard of washers more or less, but what is the purpose of washers? What types of gaskets are there? Let's take a look with the Haian gasket manufacturers! Washer Purpose Spring washers are installed under the nut to prevent the nut from loosening. Hexagonal slotted nuts are specially designed for use with bolts with holes at the end of the screw, so that the cotter pin can be inserted into the hole of the screw from the groove of the nut to prevent the nut from automatically loosening. It is mainly used for vibration loads or alternating loads. . The methods to prevent nuts (or bolts) from automatically loosening in mechanical design and production are: 1. Add spring washers; (simple and easy to do) 2. Use hexagonal slotted nuts + cotter pins; . Pad the stop washer; (increase the processing process compared with the same period of last year) 4. Insert the steel wire into the hexagon head opening of the hexagon bolt. (The processing process was increased year-on-year) The flat washer is also called the flat washer meson, which is mainly stamped out of an iron plate. The shape is generally round or square, and there is a hole in the middle. This hole size specification generally corresponds to the bolt diameter and can also be formulated according to customer requirements. Under normal circumstances, the flat washer for the same specification of bolts has the same hole diameter, and the outer diameter and thickness are different. For example, the hole diameter of the flat washer for M10 bolts is 10mm, and the outer diameter and thickness are not fixed. Galvanized Flat Washers Flat washers are often used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure. Such components are found in many materials and structures to perform a variety of similar functions. Restricted by the material and process of threaded fasteners, the bearing surface of bolts and other fasteners is not large. Therefore, in order to reduce the compressive stress of the bearing surface and protect the surface of the connected parts, the bolts are often equipped with flat washers. Flat washers are essential auxiliary accessories in bolted fasteners. 304 stainless steel flat washers are made of different materials according to the pressure limit and use environment. Commonly used flat washers are made of iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, plastic, etc. The size of flat washers is generally divided into standard size, enlarged, thickened, enlarged and thickened, etc.
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