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Introduction to the difference between circlip and retaining ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-19
As a kind of fastener widely used in our daily industrial hardware, the retaining ring is deeply loved by the public in the industry. He also has an alias called circlip. But many people often think of circlips and circlips as the same thing. In fact, there are still many differences between the two. Let's introduce the difference between a circlip and a retaining ring. Circlips, also known as retaining rings or retaining rings, are a type of hardware fasteners. There are many types of them, and they are mainly installed in the shaft grooves or hole grooves of machines and equipment. Simply put, it acts to prevent the axial movement of the parts on the shaft or hole. The circlip is an important part, which belongs to a small equipment part, and the specifications are generally very small. The shape of the circlip is generally round, but there is a gap at one end. Put the circlip on the equipment that needs to be fixed, and then lock the gap with a screw to keep the equipment stable. This is the function of the circlip. On CNC lathes, spindle circlips are often used as fixtures for clamping parts. Because of their better structure and precision, spindle circlips are widely used in manufacturing. However, in the specific production process, the circlip lacks an axial positioning device, and can only rely on the end face of the circlip and a specific tool for positioning. The specific operation is to move the tool to a certain fixed position set by the program, open the machine door and release the circlip, then pull the end face of the part to be machined to the tool surface, and then clamp the spindle circlip to close the machine door. The current positioning method is complicated in operation and low in positioning accuracy, cannot meet the accuracy of parts, the size of batches of parts varies greatly, and cannot meet the rapid switching and processing of various types of parts in the production process. Due to the addition of process holes, the circlip is easier to disassemble and assemble, but the protrusions at the installation process holes occupy a large space, and both the hole and the shaft circlip have the problem of taking up a large space. Compared with the circlip, the retaining ring is a multi-layer structure, commonly used are 2-layer and 3-layer, etc., there is no protrusion, the retaining ring is very similar to the keychain, the difference is that the end of the retaining ring wire is reserved for The supported chamfered corners will not interfere with other adjacent components during assembly, so it is more convenient to use. Now for occasions that do not require frequent disassembly, the advantages of the retaining ring are more obvious. In addition, the retaining ring is formed by winding flat wire, and after heat treatment and surface treatment, it has excellent elasticity and toughness. In a word: the cross-section of the elastic retaining ring is equal, the force is uniform, and the stress concentration phenomenon is reduced. The inner and outer edges are smooth and complete, there are no ear interference fittings, the inner and outer diameters have no burrs, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient. It can meet different needs by increasing or decreasing the number of layers. It does not need to make molds. By changing the thickness of the material, it can be easily made light load Type, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty. The production cycle is short, the optional materials are wide, spring steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials can be easily produced.
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