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Introduction of Three Different Types of Card Swap

by:Tronshal     2022-03-28
Joint clasp: It is formed by connecting two clasp through a common clasp body, and the clasp body is connected to the abduction gap of two adjacent abutments (occlusal) and the support of the extending (occlusal) surface. It is suitable for missing teeth on one side of the dental arch, short and stable crowns on the other side of the abutment, or there is a gap between two adjacent teeth. The combined retaining ring supports good retention and stability, and can prevent food impaction. Joint snap rings can only be made by casting. Half Snap Rings: Consists of two separate, opposing ring-shaped clasp arms and a mesiodistal (occlusal) rest, buccolingual, and used on isolated premolars or molars with anterior and posterior gaps. The support and retention of the half snap ring is strong, and its production method can be cast or bent. Canine snap ring: a cast snap ring commonly used on canines. The snap ring is supported from the mesial incisal support along the lingual mesial marginal ridge of the canine down to the lingual carina, and then up through the lingual distal marginal ridge. To the distal incision angle of the canine, it continues to descend to the labial surface through the incisal abduction gap to form a snap ring arm, and its tip ends at the mesial undercut area of u200bu200bthe labial surface. Has good support and retention.
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