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Introduction of technical parameters of retaining ring manufacturers

by:Tronshal     2022-02-17
Introduction to the technical parameters of the retaining ring manufacturers: the retaining ring mainly plays the role of axial fixation, and the conical surface and the retaining ring are fixed with a high degree of centering. Products are becoming more and more popular, and the improvement of performance is inseparable from the development of science and technology. Its common products are used in many industries, and there are many manufacturers of their products in Wenzhou, and the price is also due to process and other reasons. There are differences. When purchasing products, you cannot choose manufacturers at will. You should compare them before you can choose the products that suit you. The retaining ring is equivalent to a movable retaining edge, which is used to block the rollers and is easy to install. The structure of the retaining ring includes a flat retaining ring, an inclined retaining ring and a middle retaining ring. Ribs are narrow shoulders that protrude from the raceway surface parallel to the rolling direction and are used to support and guide the rolling elements and keep them in the bearing. According to the function of the retaining ring: 1. Flat retaining ring: a separable substantially flat washer, the inner or outer part of which is used as a radial cylindrical roller bearing outer ring or inner ring rib. 2. Inclined retaining ring: a separable ring with an 'L'-shaped section, the outer part of which acts as the inner retaining edge of the radial roller ball bearing. 3. Middle retaining ring: The separable ring in two or more rows of roller bearings is used to separate and guide the rollers of each row. Reminder: The price of retaining ring products varies due to the manufacturer's craftsmanship and other reasons. For the sake of self-interest, when purchasing, you must not be greedy and choose a low-priced one, but you should conduct on-the-spot investigation and so on to choose a suitable one for you. .
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