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Introduction of some technical standards for gaskets

by:Tronshal     2022-03-17
A washer is a thin metal pad placed between the head of a nut or screw and the piece to be connected. Some of its technical standards are introduced as follows: 1 GB/T2861.10-2008 Die Guide Part 10: Washers 2 GB/T5649-2008 Lock Nuts and Washers for Pipe Joints 3 GB/T94.3-2008 Technical Requirements for Elastic Washers Saddle-shaped, wave-shaped elastic washers 4 GB/T3099.1-2008 Terms of fasteners Threaded fasteners, pins and washers 5 GB/T10447-2008 Elements and tolerances of semicircular thrust washers for sliding bearings 6 GB/T94.1-2008 Elastic Washers Specifications Spring Washers 7 GB/T10446-2008 Sliding Bearing Full Circle Thrust Washers Dimensions and Tolerances 8 GB/T93-1987 Standard Spring Washers 9 GB/T94.2-1987 Elastic Washers Specifications Toothed, Serrated Lock Washers 10 GB/T98-1988 Specifications for Stop Washers 11 GB/T849-1988 Spherical Washers 12 GB/T850-1988 Conical Washers 13 GB/T851-1988 Open Washers 14 GB/T852-1988 Square Bevel Washers for I-beams 15 GB/T853-1988 Square inclined washer for channel steel 16 GB/T956.2-1987 Conical serrated lock washer 17 GB/T28697-2012 Rolling bearing self-aligning thrust ball bearing and self-aligning seat washer Dimensions
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