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Introduction of relevant national standards for spring washers

by:Tronshal     2022-03-09
Spring washers are widely used in the load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of general mechanical products. They are characterized by low cost and convenient installation, and are suitable for parts with frequent assembly and disassembly. But the anti-loosening ability of the spring washer is very low! Especially in the current European and American countries that require high reliability products, the adoption rate is extremely low, especially the important load-bearing structural connection parts have been abandoned for many years. Our country still has some applications in military industry, but it has been improved as stainless steel material. It is said that steel spring washers have long been banned in CASC! It is also said to be very unsafe, because there are two reasons: 1 is 'circle rise' and 2 is hydrogen embrittlement. The relevant national standards are introduced as follows: standard spring washer (GB93-1987) light spring washer (GB859-1987) heavy spring washer (GB7244-1987) spring washer is also known as spring meson. Saddle spring washer (GB/T 7244-1987) Saddle spring washer (GB/T 860-1987) Wave spring washer (GB/T 7246-1987) Wave spring washer (GB/T 955-1987)
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