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How to choose a retaining ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-15
Nowadays, the demand for motor retaining rings is growing faster and faster. Many people are worried about how to choose the type of motor retaining ring. . 1. Cost Type A is produced by stamping a sheet. After punching such a circle, the middle part of the circle is scrap material, which is more difficult to reuse. The B-type is a wire product. As long as it 'wraps out' such a circle, there is no wasted material. Therefore, the B-type is currently used more because the B-type has less consumables and lower prices. 2. Type A contact surface It is in surface contact with the connected parts. The cross-section of A can be made very wide or very thick, and even a very flat rectangle to make it have greater load-bearing capacity and anti-deformation capacity. In some occasions where the retaining ring cannot be very thick, such as when the length of the screw is limited, or when the nut is large and needs a large area of u200bu200bsupport, the A-type plane with a wide cross-section can play a larger load capacity and better protect the connection. contact surface of the parts. The B-type is wound out of a wire, and the thickness of the cross-section has been determined. To increase the load-bearing capacity, only the wire can be thickened; when there is a higher requirement to protect the contact surface of the connected parts, the B-type wire cross-section This round thing is theoretically in line contact with the contact surface, which is easy to damage the connected parts, and cannot achieve surface contact with the A-type. Therefore, type A is generally used for large loads, and type B is generally used for general loads.
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