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How should the retaining ring be selected?

by:Tronshal     2022-03-05
To pick a suitable retaining ring, you must first understand what a retaining ring is and what it does.

The retaining ring is a ring-shaped piece fastened in the groove, which can prevent other parts mounted on the shaft from moving. The retaining ring is generally made of metal. The inner ring is located in the housing groove and the outer ring is located in the shaft groove. Retaining rings are used as an alternative to machining shoulders, eliminating complex machining processes, saving time, weight and production costs, thereby increasing production efficiency.

In order to meet the requirements of different working conditions for retaining rings, 5 main types of retaining rings are manufactured, which together have more than 6,000 different models. With so many products out there, which retaining ring should we use in our application?
Assembly type, size, force, method of installation and disassembly, and working environment are all factors that we need to consider when selecting parts. So to choose a retaining ring, we must first know its type.

Whether you need an inner or outer retaining ring.

Determine whether you need to use a retaining ring to hold the part on the shaft, internally in the housing, or in some cases both. The inner ring is located in the housing groove and the outer ring is located in the shaft groove. With the exception of some retaining rings, all other products are specified internal or external.

After determining the assembly type, the next step is to focus on the assembly size. The diameter of the housing or shaft and the diameter and width of the groove are all important specifications for selecting a retaining ring. Compare our selection brochures here.

The following briefly introduces the different types of retaining rings
1.Single-turn Spirolox retaining ring is a circular flat wire ring that rotates less than 1 turn.
For light duty and low clearance applications. Compared to multi-turn rings, rounded edges and gaps, it is easy to install and remove and has a thinner cross-section. This retaining ring is an economical choice when only light loads are required.

2. The only difference between the appearance of Spirolox multi-layer retaining ring and Spirolox single-layer is the number of layers. Spirolox Multi-Layer Retaining Rings are more versatile when weighted in many types, from medium to heavy duty loads, Multi-Layer Retaining Rings provide a 360° holding surface with no ear interference with mating components. The Spirolox Multi-Layer Retaining Ring has a uniform cross-section for even load distribution, and it has no lugs for improved appearance.

3. Strong Section Retaining Rings are the first choice for heavy duty applications. They have a uniform cross-section over the circumference of the ring. The rings are of uniform width and are designed for high shock or shock loads to distribute the load evenly across the rings and grooves.

4. When radial space is a problem, Hoospter retaining ring can be the first choice for engineers. The innovative low profile design of the Hoospter Retaining Ring enables it to hold parts in shallow grooves with minimal radial projection. The radially thin wall of the Hoospter Ring makes it suitable for part retention in thin wall applications.
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