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How much do you know about some industry standards for gaskets?

by:Tronshal     2022-02-28
In threaded fasteners, because the bearing surface of bolts, screws and nuts cannot be made very large (limited by materials and processes), in order to reduce the compressive stress of the bearing surface and protect the surface of the connected parts, washers are used. How much do you know about some industry standards for gaskets? The following will give you an introduction: 1 GB/T27938-2011 Sliding Bearing Thrust Washers Failure Damage Terms, Appearance Features and Reasons 2 GB/T956.1-1987 Conical Lock Washers 3 GB/T854-1988 Single-Ear Stop Washers 4 GB/T7244-1987 Heavy-duty spring washers 5 GB/T855-1988 Double lug stop washers 6 GB/T7245-1987 Saddle spring washers 7 GB/T7246-1987 Wave spring washers 8 GB/T856-1988 Outer tongue stop Washers 9 GB/T858-1988 Stop washers for round nuts 10 GB/T859-1987 Light spring washers 11 GB/T860-1987 Saddle elastic washers 12 GB/T861.1-1987 Internal tooth lock washers 13 GB/T861. 2-1987 Internal Serrated Lock Washers 14 GB/T862.1-1987 External Serrated Lock Washers 15 GB/T862.2-1987 External Serrated Lock Washers 16 GB/T955-1987 Wave Elastic Washers
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