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How are the hardness and thickness tolerances of stainless steel gaskets specified?

by:Tronshal     2022-03-27
Stainless steel gasket materials are made of 1.4310C, X12CrNi177, X5CrNi189, SUS301, SUS304. It is usually made into sheet-shaped gaskets, strip-shaped gaskets, adjusting gaskets or circular-shaped sheets. The thickness tolerance is relatively precise, without burrs, with high precision, strong pulling force, good finish, toughness, and difficulty. broken features. Stainless steel gaskets are usually used in electronic instruments, mold manufacturing, precision machinery, hardware parts, mechanical parts, stamping parts, hardware manufacturing, motor adjustment. This product can be used to solve the problem of machine maintenance when mold maintenance, mold measurement gap and shaking, swaying and instability due to mechanical aging. Stainless Steel Gasket Hardness and Thickness Tolerance: Hardness: HRC43-47 Thickness Tolerance: 0.005(±0.001) 0.01-0.03(±0.002) 0.04-0.06(±0.003) 0.07-0.12(±0.004)0.15-0.18(±0.005) 0.20 -0.22(±0.006) 0.25-0.30(±0.007) 0.35(±0.008)0.40-0.45(±0.009) 0.50-0.60(±0.010) 0.70(±0.012) 0.80-1.00(±0.013)1.50-2.00(±0.025 ) 2.50-3.00(±0.035)
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