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Fracture Failure Analysis of Spring Retaining Ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-09
Abstract: A certain type of spring retaining ring is installed in the groove and is subjected to 6MPa oil pressure. The product was delivered to the engine after a low-temperature -45 ℃ test. The engine test was normal. After the engine test, it was found that one foot of the spring retaining ring was broken, and the other foot was broken during the disassembly process. In this paper, macro and micro observation of the fracture of the failed retaining ring was carried out, and the fracture, hardness and microstructure of the failed part and the intact part were compared and observed. The test results show that the spring retaining ring is an intergranular brittle fracture, and its hardness is higher than the upper limit of the technical requirements. It is related to the high hardness of the retaining ring.
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