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Felt washers are made from tough, industrial quality fibers that are felted to form a durable cushioning material. When used between spacers, felt washers provide advantages such as load distribution, insulation, and light sealing. They also serve to protect installation surfaces by functioning as a soft, flexible barrier. Felt washers can be stamped in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.  Making A Choice Among Felt Washer Manufacturers.You may be carefully considering your options when it comes to felt washer manufacturers, and you have plenty of choices online. When you’re looking for washer manufacturing services, as well as a regular selection of felt flat washers that are ready to order, you want to make sure you find a source that has the right combination of production capabilities and an comprehensive inventory. You also want to make sure your chosen manufacturer can provide you with reliable quality when it comes to felt flat washers. Even in the case of non-metal washers like fiber flat washers and mylar flat washers, material integrity and manufacturing quality is of the utmost importance.

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