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Design and application of split retaining ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-12
In fact, everyone knows more or less about the retaining ring, but you may not have covered the opening retaining ring. The opening retaining ring, as the name suggests, is a retaining ring with an open opening and a closed opening. It is often used for fixing parts and is widely used. Let's take a look at the design and application of open retaining rings with Dejin retaining ring manufacturers!

1. Definition of open retaining ring

The shape of the split retaining ring is open into an E shape. It is used to fix the zero (part) part on the shaft. It is suitable for the split single ring with a nominal diameter of Du003d1.2~15MM.

Second, the application example of open retaining ring

The split ring is generally used to fix the bearing, gear and other parts on the shaft.

Fixing the bearing on the shaft

Pay attention to the relationship between the outer diameter (D) of the collar and the shoulder diameter (Lo) of the bearing, it is necessary to satisfy D

Fixing the gear on the shaft
Slotting on the gear, the depth of the groove is equal to the diameter of the cylindrical pin. The collar is used together with the cylindrical pin to fix the gear. Pay attention to the relationship between the outer diameter (D) of the collar and the tooth root circle (df) of the gear. D

Fixing other parts on the shaft
Clamps are used in conjunction with cylindrical pins to secure parts.

Three, the design requirements of the opening retaining ring:

In the design process of the split retaining ring, the key part is the coordination of the nominal diameter, opening and thickness of the retaining ring with the width and diameter of the groove on the shaft. Shafts with different diameters are matched with different types of collars. Design requirements, there are recommended design dimensions in the national standard GBT-896-1986-split retaining ring 'E' rings. Since the split retaining ring is already a standard part, as long as it is designed according to the standard, it is easy to buy a standard retaining ring in the market.
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