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Classification and scope of application of asbestos rubber gaskets

by:Tronshal     2022-02-23
Gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment and pipelines as long as there is fluid. It uses internal and external materials to play a sealing role. Gaskets are made of metal or non-metal plate-like materials through cutting, punching or cutting processes, and are used for sealing connections between pipes, and sealing connections between parts of machinery and equipment. According to the material, it can be divided into metal gaskets and non-metal gaskets. There are copper gaskets, stainless steel gaskets, iron gaskets, aluminum gaskets and so on. Non-metallic asbestos gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, paper gaskets, rubber gaskets, etc. The following will explain the basic knowledge of asbestos rubber sheet gaskets in detail: asbestos rubber gaskets are made of asbestos fiber and rubber as the main raw materials, supplemented with rubber compounding agents and fillers, through mixing, hot roll forming, vulcanization and other processes. become. Asbestos rubber gaskets can be divided into ordinary asbestos rubber gaskets and oil-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets according to their formulas, technological properties and uses. According to the temperature and pressure used, it can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber gaskets, medium pressure asbestos rubber gaskets and high pressure asbestos rubber gaskets. It is suitable for the sealing of water, water vapor, oil, solvent, medium acid and alkali. Asbestos gaskets are mainly used in the sealing of medium and low pressure flange connections.
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