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Classification and regular sizes of wave washers

by:Tronshal     2022-03-23
Wave washer, also known as wave washer, is a circular sheet with regular waves. It is usually used to prevent loosening and buffer shock. It needs to have good elasticity and impact resistance. It usually has a wide range of uses in life.

(1) Classification by application (1) Three-wave washer A) Ordinary type B) Bearing (2) Single-wave washer (2) Classification by material 1) Carbon spring steel 2) Stainless steel
Regular size
1. Normal WW-4, WW-5, WW-6, WW-8, WW-10, WW-12, WW-14, WW-16, WW-18, WW-20, WW-23 , WW-26, WW-30, WW-32, WW-38, WW-40, WW-46, WW-50, WW-53, WW-60.2. Bearing special type BWW-624, BWW-625, BWW- 626, BWW-608, BWW-629, BWW-6001, BWW-6200, BWW-6201, BWW-6202, BWW-6203, BWW-6302, BWW-6303, BWW-6304, BWW-6305, BWW-6306, BWW-6307, BWW-6308, BWW-6309, BWW-6310, BWW-6311, BWW-6312, BWW-6313.
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