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Causes of gasket breakage and how to prevent it

by:Tronshal     2022-03-18
There are many sharp elastic warping teeth on the circumference of the washer, and the thorns press on the bearing surface, which can prevent the loosening of the fastener. The inner tooth elastic washer is used under the screw head with smaller head size; the outer tooth elastic washer is mostly used under the bolt head and the nut. The elastic washer with teeth is smaller than the ordinary spring washer, and the fastener is evenly stressed and reliable to prevent loosening, but it is not suitable for frequent disassembly. Guess the reasons for washer fracture: 1. The material itself is not good, 2. The hardness of heat treatment is too high, and the hardenability is not good 3. Electroplating hydrogen embrittlement The methods are: 1. Pad spring washer; (easy to do) 2. Use hexagonal slotted nut + cotter pin; (increase the processing process compared with the same period of last year) 3. Pad the stop washer; (increase the processing process compared with the same period) 4 .The hex head opening of the hex bolt inserts the steel wire. (Increased processing steps year-on-year)
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