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Cause Analysis of Deformation of Elastic Retaining Ring for Hole

by:Tronshal     2022-03-15
Aperture d0: 38D|Basic Size: 40.8D|Ultimate Deviation: (+0.50, -0.25)s|Basic Size: 1.5s|Ultimate Deviation: (+0.06, -0.15)Groove|d2|Basic Size: 40Groove |d2|Limit deviation: (+0.25, 0)Groove|m|Basic size: 1.7Groove|m|Limit deviation: (+0.14, 0)Summary: There may be a problem with the material of the retaining ring, and the retaining ring requires the material to have A certain elasticity cannot be determined only from the hardness. Now there are some poor quality retaining rings on the market that are of wrong material, so that a slight improper installation during use will cause permanent deformation and loosening. In many cases, the retaining ring is deformed due to improper placement or excessive force when assembling the retaining ring with the circlip pliers. This problem is more likely to occur when the installed retaining ring is removed.
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