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Brittle Fracture Test of Retaining Rings and Related Standards

by:Tronshal     2022-03-10
Retaining ring is a kind of helical ring made of rectangular cross-section wire wound twice. The retaining ring is a widely used carbon spring steel. Compared with 65 steel, the retaining ring has higher strength, hardness, elasticity and hardenability. The critical hardening diameter is generally 30~50mm in water, and in oil Generally 16-32mm, there is a tendency of overheating sensitivity and tempering brittleness during heat treatment, and it is easy to crack during water quenching. Generally, oil quenching is used. Section size>80 should be water quenched and oil cooled: after annealing, the machinability is good, but the cold deformation plasticity low, poor welding performance. Through the physical and chemical inspection and grinding condition analysis of the spring retaining ring with brittle fracture, the generation mechanism of the grinding crack of the retaining ring is revealed, and the pertinent preventive measures are put forward. Relevant standards for retaining rings: retaining rings are also called circlips, or an industrial component. Retaining ring A for holes Standard GB893.1 86 Retaining ring A for shafts Standard GB894. 1 86 Retaining rings for heavy-duty holes Standard JB/ZQ4341 - 97 Retaining rings for heavy-duty shafts Standard JB/ZQ4342-97
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