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Brief introduction of elastic retaining ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-10
Retaining ring is a kind of retaining ring, which is widely used now. It is very popular among the public because of its advantages of easy installation and strong bearing capacity. So what is an elastic retaining ring? How is it installed? Let's take a look with the Haian retaining ring manufacturers! What is a circlip? A circlip is an industrial fastener used to hold mating components or assemblies together. A circlip is a circular part made of metal that fits in a groove (housing or shaft). You can use an inner (housing) circlip or an outer (shaft) circlip. As the name implies, the inner retaining ring is installed in the groove of the casing, while the outer retaining ring is installed in the groove of the shaft. On the shaft groove, it is used for the positioning and fixing of the shaft end parts, which can withstand severe vibration and impact loads, but it is necessary to take anti-loosening measures and installation positioning; the elastic retaining ring for the hole is installed in the round hole, which is used for fixing the parts. Axial movement, the outer diameter of this type of retaining ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the assembly hole. Retaining ring is an industrial accessory that can function as support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment. The inner diameter of the retaining ring for the shaft is slightly smaller than the diameter of the assembly shaft. When the retaining ring for the hole is selected, the outer diameter of the retaining ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the assembly circular hole. The retaining ring mainly plays the role of axial fixation. The surface plus the retaining ring is fixed with a high degree of centering. At present, the installation methods of the retaining ring: 1. Most of them are installed with retaining ring installation pliers; 2. Simple installation aids; 3. Automatic retaining ring installation machine. The disadvantages of these retaining ring installation methods: 1. If the manual installation is uneven, the elastic retaining ring will deform plastically, which will lead to the failure of the retaining ring; 2. It cannot be positioned for complex structural parts, and the production efficiency is also low; 3 .Simple installation aids are only suitable for the parts to be installed, generally not universal and have limitations; 4. The automatic elastic retaining ring installation machine has a complex structure and high cost.
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