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Brief Introduction of Disc Spring Washers

by:Tronshal     2022-02-23
Disc spring washers are lock washers designed for use in bolted and screwed connections. It is used for the connection of medium or high strength bolts and screws. High bearing loads and elastic recovery are very effective, and bolt tension can withstand slack due to wear of consumables, creep, relaxation, thermal expansion, shrinkage, or compression of seals. It increases the elasticity of the screw several times. It can effectively replace the ordinary spring washer, but it is not suitable for the combination of lock washer and flat washer. Because the washer is a disc spring that can be abutted or superimposed. The combination of the butt joint can increase the deformation of the disc spring group, and the combination of the overlapping method can increase the spring force of the disc spring group. The ideal installation method is to be flattened as much as possible. The closer to the flattened state, the faster the tension torque increases, and the proper bolt tension can be obtained without a torque wrench.
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