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Basic introduction of retaining ring

by:Tronshal     2022-03-03
The double-turn offset outer retaining ring replaces the pillow block. It is used to hold nozzle parts for easy assembly. The width of the retaining ring is designed for zero interference, and its outer diameter is smaller than the diameter of the thread root. In a pressure gauge, the wave ring is installed in a shallow groove and produces very little pressure on the face glass. In this way, the retaining ring can hold the watch glass in place without crushing the glass. The retaining ring forms side walls on both sides of the timing pulley. This method eliminates press-fit sidewalls. In order to facilitate the replacement of the belt, the retaining ring on one side adopts the easy-to-remove type. Wave Retaining Rings are easy to meet field service requirements. If the hydraulic cylinder seal needs to be repaired, the retaining ring can be quickly removed with a screwdriver and easily reinstalled. The use of circlips eliminates the need for pillow block design, reducing shaft size, saving material and machining time. In addition, wave springs are also widely used, such as adjustable pulleys, bearing preload, electrical connections, hydraulic seals, clutches, ball valves, fluid valve couplings, etc.
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