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Assembly requirements for Y-ring seals

by:Tronshal     2022-03-28
Installation: Due to the high hardness and large amount of pre-compression of the Y-ring made of polyurethane, the sealing ring is often crushed, rolled and undercut during installation and replacement, so that the proper sealing effect cannot be achieved. invalid.
Assembly: We used a screwdriver to press the sealing lip inward along the cylinder bore; or tied the outer lip of the sealing ring with a thin wire to make the outer diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the cylinder, and then sent the sealing ring to the cylinder, and then Pull out the thin wire.
Both of these two installation methods are easy to scratch the Y-shaped sealing ring, causing the sealing failure and increasing the maintenance time. In this case, we use 0. 1mm thick cold-rolled steel strip or copper sheet is cut into a rectangle whose length is equal to the circumference of the outer diameter of the Y-ring, then wrap the sealing ring tightly, and then send it to the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder little by little. The installation effect is better when the outer lip is fully inserted into the cylinder and then pulled out.

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