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Analysis of the current market situation of retaining ring riveting

by:Tronshal     2022-03-01
In the market, the riveting of the synchronous pulley retaining ring currently produced by some synchronous pulley factories is to use a chisel to rive several points at the joint (usually four points evenly distributed on the circumference), so that the points The riveting table only relies on the metal deformation of the chiseled part of the synchronous pulley to fix the retaining ring, and its firm strength is difficult to ensure the working reliability of the synchronous pulley.
If the timing pulley and the retaining ring are clearance fit, it is more difficult to ensure the quality and strength of riveting. During the use of the timing pulley, the retaining ring is easily squeezed by the side of the timing belt, and the long-term extrusion will The retaining ring is easy to fall off, which will seriously affect the normal operation and reliability of the synchronous pulley. 
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