• 追求卓越 创造完美

  • 行业深耕者

    Industry Deep Roots




    We have always adhered to the "quality of survival, innovation and development, to the foundation of good faith" business philosophy, so that customer satisfaction business objectives.
    In the more than 20 years of manufacturing, has won the trust and support of our customers!


    Flexible Production



    We attach great importance to product quality and production efficiency, through their own efforts, the main products of automated production has been achieved, and further shorten the product delivery cycle and have ability to expand the product range in the short term, so as to provide more quality products for the customers and the price is right.


    Rich Products



    On the one hand, as the company has a long history, has accumulated a large number of molds, can be directly supplied to the stock market, reducing customer development costs. On the other hand, in the mold manufacturing, with its own technical strength, so that product quality is more excellent.


    Quality Service



    The so-called good horse with good saddle, we are committed to improving the quality of service from the details, so that customers buy at ease, with ease!

  • 石墨尼龙垫圈

    Graphite Nylon Gasket


    Red Steel Washer


    Molybdenum Disulfide Nylon Washer


    PET Washer

    将帅JS 白色尼龙垫片 垫圈 止推片 挡圈 现货/定制


    PA6 Washer


    Fiber Washer


    铁氟龙垫圈 塑料王垫圈 PTFE Waher


    槽楔 Epoxy Gasket


    槽楔 Electric Board Gasket

  • 江山将帅电子有限公司

    Jiangshan Tronshal Electronics Co. Ltd.

    • 经过二十多年的发展,我们具备集开发、生产和销售服务于一体的机电产品配套企业,致力于打造成为一个具有高美益度与可持续发展能力的企业。同时也是国内外众多一流企业的直接或者间接的供应商。
    • 采用石墨尼龙、钼尼龙、尼龙、聚四氟乙烯(PTFE、塑料王、铁氟龙)、聚酯(PET)、红钢纸、快巴板、聚甲醛(POM)、聚醚醚酮(PEEK)、丁腈橡胶(NBR)、聚氯乙烯(PVC)、冷冲板、环氧板、不干胶、PVC等材料,专业生产不同材料的垫片、垫圈、卡圈(切口)、调整垫片、挡油板、带胶背胶垫片、防震垫、脚垫、尼龙轴套、风叶轴套、电机出线圈、其他护线圈、端盖、压线板、线夹、线扣、槽楔、橡胶密封件、硅胶件和接线支架等。
    • 公司不仅拥有一批高素质技术人才、管理人才和一支熟练且稳定的员工队伍,而且拥有先进的生产设备和检测仪器。
    • 我们本着“追求卓越、创造完美”的办企宗旨,愿与海内外各界人士精诚合作,共同创造美好的未来。
    • 公司产品通过欧盟RoHS认证、REACH认证,使产品具有质量和环保双重保证。

    After more than 20 years of development, we have set the development, production and sales service in one of the mechanical and electrical products supporting enterprises, to build a high degree and the ability of sustainable development of the enterprise Meiyi. It is also a direct or indirect supplier of many first-class enterprises at home and abroad.
    Using graphite nylon, molybdenum nylon, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Plastic King, Teflon), polyester (PET), red steel paper, fast-pad board, polyformaldehyde (POM), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cold punching board, epoxy board, non-drying glue, PVC and other materials, specializing in the production of gaskets, gaskets, card rings (incisions), etc. Adjustment gasket, oil shield, rubber backing gasket, shock shield, foot cushion, nylon axle sleeve, wind blade axle sleeve, motor outlet coil, other protective coils, end cap, wire clamp, thread fastener, slot wedge, rubber seals, silica gel parts and wiring support, etc.
    The company not only has a number of high-quality technical personnel, management personnel and a skilled and stable workforce, but also has advanced production equipment and testing equipment.
    We are guided by the tenet of "striving for excellence and creating perfection". We are willing to work closely with people from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a bright future together.
    The company's products through the European Union RoHS certification, REACH certification, so that products with quality and environmental protection double guarantee.

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